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Global Blockchain Hackathon 2018

We Need You to Support the Blockchain Community!

All ages, genders, and skill level are welcome. Come solo or in a team of up to five, and spend the weekend learning new skills, meeting your local tech community and tech sponsors, enjoying free food, and more. So join us! Create something cool together! Meet great people. Win great prizes!

Know someone who would make a great judge of awesomeness and innovation? Nominate them (or yourself!) at [email protected]

Curious what it looks like to sponsor awesomeness and innovation? Reach out to us at [email protected]


Our goal is to create a blockchain developer community to connect blockchain enthusiasts. The Blockchain Hackathon contains a blockchain tech-knowledge comparison in the U.S. All the competitors will demonstrate cutting-edge technology and covering topics including industry trend, real word application, open source software, solution-based case study and many others. The Blockchain Hackathon is host by International Data Engineering and Science Association (IDEAS).

To learn more about supporting International Data Engineering And Science Association, please contact [email protected].


Why Join?

You will build. Most of your weekend will be spent with your team, hacking a product together.

Workshops, talks, mentors. No matter your expertise, you will learn something there. Attendees range from newbies to core-devs, everybody here to enjoy.

This is not work. Plenty of time to relax, enjoy a coffee or a pint with amazing people.


Four Steps

Furthermore, the Blockchain Hackathon process may be divided into four main stages, and in each stage, the goals are not all the same.


When a topic piques your interest, seek more information. Read, research and broaden your knowledge base. That’s the best way to pitch your project idea.


Good teamwork is essential for high performance in any participation. You and your team are sharing your varied skills in complementary roles and in cooperation with each other.


Planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling the resources to accomplish specific goals — Win the competition.


Win the Blockchain Hackathon prize based on your team project. We have four main awards, and more prizes in the bonus pool are raising!


Blockchain developers looking to improve their skills or expand their horizons.
Blockchain startup that is looking for funding.
Anyone who is interested in Blockchain technologies and loves to learn and build cool staff can attend as audiences.


Global Blockchain Technology Conference

4.15.2018 MIT – BlockchainFest MIT University 

5.13.2018 New York – Blockchain Leadership Connect 

5.19.2018 Chicago – Blockchain Leadership Connect 

7.2018 Los Angeles – Blockchain Tech Conference 

9.2018 Silicon Valley – Global Blockchain Leadership Conference 

10.20.2018 Los Angeles – Blockchain Tech Conference 

Blockchain Research and Tech

A hackathon focused on blockchain technology and industry development.

Top Mentors

100+ top mentors in blockchain technology, development trend and investment direction.

Media influence

Chief Media Partner: Jinse

Other medias: 50+ China and US Medias


Global Blockchain Hackathon Series 1

6.23-24 UCLA, Los Angeles

7.14-15 WeWork Soho, New York

8.18-19 Silicon Valley, San Francisco

8.25-26 The Final Stage in U.S & Conference, Chicago

9.29-30 Georgia Brown College, Toronto, Canada

Global Blockchain Hackathon Series 2

9.15-16 Santa Monica

10.27-28 Stanford

11.10-11 New York

12.8-9 Austin

@ Los Angeles & New York Gallery

Next Stage

   8.18 – 19 UC Berkeley, CAContestants Roadshow

We are looking for 3 to 4 Coding/Developer Teams and 4 to 6 Blockchain starups. For the Coding/Developer teams, you will have 2 days to be hacking a project together with your team, and compete for prizes. Blockchain starups will be pitching their big ideas to 10+ top venture capital investors.



IDEAS builds a data engineering and science hub by providing robust resources and connecting real-world expertise together from business leaders, professionals, and promising students. IDEAS’s vision is to foster the data engineering and data science ecosystems and broaden the adoption of their underlying technologies, thus accelerating the innovations data can bring to society. IDEAS empowers and nurture community growth by offering online resources, conferences, latest industry trends and data related job opportunities.

Node Capital is a venture capital company focusing on blockchain industry. It is also one of the world’s earliest professional investment institutions of blockchain industry layouts. So far, Node Capital has invested many projects of blockchain industry, such as news information, digital asset transactions, storage, technology development and application. Including enterprises such as Coldlar, Bocheninc, fengwo, Jinse Finance , Lianshang Technology, Yulian, Qukuai Leida.

Eigen Capital Ltd. is the world’s leading digital currency asset management company, aiming to provide investors with investment consulting and investment management services for the digital currency industry and blockchain. Through strict project screening criteria and diversified model strategies, the global investment in the primary and secondary markets is realized.

Co-Organizers & Partners

Contact us to review the full benefits and details of the partnership package.

Chief Strategic Cooperative Media

Meetup & Media

International Media

Tech Support

IBM Blockchain Platform is the only integrated business-ready platform that addresses the full lifecycle (developgovern, and operate) of a multi-organization blockchain network. It is designed to accelerate, through collaboration in each phase, the creation of “built for business” global blockchain networks with the performance and security for even the most demanding use cases and regulated industries.

Chris Tyler – Sr. Cloud Architect and Cognitive Evangelist at IBM

Chris Tyler is a Sr. Cloud Architect and Cognitive Evangelist within the IBM Business Partner Channel. He is a trusted advisor to multiple IBM Business Partners. Chris assists his partners with cloud technologies such as IoT, blockchain, analytics, machine learning, and cognitive API usage.

The Purdue Blockchain Lab is a research group at Purdue University focusing on Blockchain and simulation, Blockchain for IoT and Supply Chain, Blockchain for Big Data and AI and its underlying technologies.

Dr. Hong Wan is an Associate Professor in the School of Industrial Engineering at Purdue University. She also directs the Purdue Blockchain Lab, co-directs the Smart Design Lab, and is affiliated with the SEED Center for Data Farming at the Naval Postgraduate School. Her Operations Research interests include design and analysis of computer simulation experiments, stochastic process, quality improvement and quality control, applied statistical methods, and healthcare system engineering.

Consulting Support

Previous Events

According to Gartner’s forecast, the business related to blockchain technology will create $176 billion in value by 2025. From 2008 to 2018, with the fast development of Blockchain technology, more and more agencies, schools and enterprises around the world have made efforts to blockchain technology. The application projects cover financial, legal, public welfare, supply chain and many other industries.

With the continuous maturity of blockchain technology and the popularity of its applications, we expect that a more diversified blockchain product will emerge in the market, and the blockchain is facing a shortage of talent. Blockchain talent is a typical composite talent who researches and develops the underlying technology of the blockchain, understands the regional chain technology and related industry knowledge. Qualified blockchain talents should master the basics of blockchain system development languages, cryptography, and computer networks. They also need to have the experience of developing blockchain open source project, and they need to combine industry and financial knowledge.